Signage and Vehicle Wraps

Signage is so much more than having your name on the door.

Store signage lets people know where you are and is often the first thing your potential customers/clients will see of your business and make judgements on you and your level of professionalism.

We have created custom-built signs for our clients that make them stand out and that so potential customers can find them.

We can walk you through the entire process. Here are a couple of examples of what we can do.

Aluminium composite panel

This is a composite board and is used in most rigid signage needs, Stickers are then applied to this that are UV resistant, so they can be used in outdoor applications.

Vehicle wraps

There are many ways to wrap a vehicle, and various levels of quality. We only work with the best when it comes to your vehicle. We don't want you paying for something that will not last. We can help you get the most bang for your buck. We have done full custom wraps, to just the doors and windows. Your vehicle can turn heads while promoting your business and for advertising potential that comes with it, why wouldn't you.To find out more, click here

Sign boards

Often made from corflute or PVC foam this are used for inside use or “For Sale” signs. This is a cheaper option in a lot of instances but will not last as long.

Window Stickers

One-way vison or self-adhesive vinyl (SAV) is used to partially or totally block out windows if needed, it can be a very effective way to amaze your customer/clients. These are also UV resistant, so they will last longer.

Acrylic Signs

Custom signage, whether it be a large out door (See Leaping learners sign below) or a reception desk sign acrylic is a great medium to show off your business in a modern way. You have the choice of spacing them from the wall or adding lights to really stand out.

Wooden Signs

This is another fantastic way to get something truly amazing, wooden signs can give you a rustic feel to your business or can be covered in a SAV to get an effect like the Hall of Heroes sign show below.


Posters can come in all shapes and sizes but are great ways to promote or endorse a product or service in your business. Having a A4 piece of paper with “Sale” written on it looks drab and unappealing, we could help with fantastic designs that will entice customers.