Vehicle Wraps

Did you know that the return on investment of vehicle signage if better than what you think?
Costing mere cents per thousand views, the is no better way to promote your business than on a vehicle.

This one off investment can get your branding out to the masses and it will last years!

There are many different types of wraps, below we will mention the difference of just to most common types.

Full Wrap

This will cover the vehicle all over, including one way vision on the windows. The vehicle's lights, door handles and badges are removed to ensure the wrap covers it all, leaving no surface uncovered. This is the best form of signage as it will turn heads every time its on the road.

Partial Wrap

Most of the time this is one on the rear of the vehicle, this can be with or without one way vision. Once again removing lights, handles and badges to ensure the wrap looks it best, this is a great cost effective way to promote your business using your vehicle.

Vinyl Graphics

This is typicality used for a single colour logo and or some lettering, a cheap alternative to a wrap but it can be effective tool to promote your business .

One Way Vision

Some Businesses, typicality small or back yard businesses would like to promote themselves in the format. This is good cause you can have a full colour design with out busting the bank.

Truck Wraps

with a mobile billboard on the roads why not splash your branding all the way across it! This is a great way to show off what your business does. Trucks can have a full wrap or just have the sides and rear.

Fleet Wraps

Have more than one vehicle? no worries, we can help design and execute a fleet wide design that will make your team look the part. One of the major benefits to having a fleet done at the same time is costs and little to no down time for your vehicles, we will work with you to co-ordinate an effectively brand your fleet!

Bus Graphics

We have teamed up with one of largest bus advertising companies in Australia, with options and plans to suit any business, we will work with you to get you the best bag for your buck.